Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet me at the cupcake counter

Today, I'm sitting in a beautiful and cozy cafe in San Carlos, CA. I come here often to work or just be with my thoughts. It has all the attributes that are important for my creativity to surge: like I said it's cozy  which translates to  eight tables, it's exquisitely painted and decorated ( a deep plum set off with a white wall that just delights me), the food is delicious - they have cupcakes as well as gourmet lunch items and the most important feature is the espresso is rich. All in all great enough to have me drive thirty miles up and over a one lane mountain during our rainy season.

In the practice of full disclosure I also leave my house to escape one of my cats who follows me around crying because she cranky and sleepy but won't go to sleep unless I don't move for a couple of hours or until I leave. God knows I love the little quadruped but have mercy on my nerves. Sometimes her incessant crying is enough to make me reach for the Pinot before 10:00 am (and that's just sad).

Back the conversation at hand, What I love about cafe's is listening to the relationships of folks sitting down and coming together over a cappuccino and a cupcake. It looks like coffee and food so what but it's much more complex; much deeper. Sitting intimately across from one another, eye to eye they are reaffirming their love for communion. Men, women, children and me -each one of us alone or with friend are here to connect, to be in communion, to savor the flavors of friendship and relationships, to learn how to do relationships. To the others it looks as though I'm working on my computer, working but really I'm here to be near them. I come to be reminded of who I am and why I'm here. Like the food the company is nourishing even when I don't speak to them.

We come to nourish - its the refresh button for the soul and it maters.

Peace Out (I had to write that to embarrass my teenage niece.)

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